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    Switching to LED lighting can save you up to 90% on your monthly electrical bills

    Rapid Return on Investment

    Monthly expenses add up yearly and there are a variety of ways to decrease the expenses that are being charged to your business month to month. LED Retro-fitting has become the new fad to increase lighting aesthetic while greatly decreasing your monthly electrical expenses. These are among the most popular upgrades due to their rapid return on investment. By switching to LED you will be decreasing energy costs anywhere from 25 to up to 90 percent! Not only are you saving but your business is also reducing its carbon footprint. 

    Increased Run time less maintanence

    LED’s have increased run time compared to traditional incandescent lighting which gives off large amounts of heat that increase HVAC costs; therefore they last up to 25X longer than traditional incandescent lighting. 

    Reducing your businesses carbon footprint

    Reducing your businesses carbon footprint has become increasingly appealing to consumers. Local governments have also put in place incentives to switch over to more energy efficient options such as LED’s. These incentives include tax cuts, grants and rebates, providing your business money back so you can reinvest where your business needs it most. Not only will you be saving money and the earth you will also have less maintenance on your lighting systems. 

    Long Life

    LED Components and the ways in which they generate light significantly expand the lifespan of the bulbs.

    High Brightness & Intensity

    Incandescent lights produce 450 lumens, CFL bulbs produce 2,400 lumens, while LED bulbs produce 4,000!

    Exceptional color range

    Incandescent bulbs require a filter to display different colors which fade out over time. With LED's its the actual diode that displays the color therefore it will stay the same throughout its lifespan.


    The durability to withstand tough conditions such as impact and vibration because they have no filaments or other fragile parts.

    Low Radiated Heat

    Bulbs emit electromagnetic energy as light , this turns energy into light rather than heat. In turn, they can operate at significant lower temperatures then other bulbs.

    Instantaneous illumination

    Unlike CDL's where you have to wait a few minutes for them to warm up. LED's are immediate and operate at full brightness the second they are turned on.

    SAVE money and energy

    It has never been easier to update the interior and exterior lighting of your business. Cut costs and maintenance, go with LED.