7901 Hopi Place, Tampa FL. 33634
Mon-Fri 07:00 AM - 04:00 PM / 24-7 Service
7901 Hopi Place, Tampa FL. 33634
Mon-Fri 07:00 AM - 04:00 PM / 24-7 Service
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  • Bates Team Staff

    Have any questions? Find your Project Manager here or give us a call, we are happy to assist you!

    Don’t forget Bates Electric is open 24/7 so don’t hesitate to give us a call. Please leave a message if who you’re trying to contact does not answer, you will receive a call back shortly. Our client is top priority and your call is very important to us. Thank you!


    Contact details for Bates Electric of Tampa Bay employees:

    Adam BaarProject Manager(813) 743-1967
    Adam TeaterAccounts Payable(813) 449-6175
    Alex BaarCredit Manager(813) 449-6209
    Alex WalterProject Manager(813) 449-6192
    Allen WilderProject Manager813-449-6173
    Bill GoldthorpPresident(813) 449-6200
    Billy GoldthorpSales Manager – All bid requests should be sent to: bids@bateselectric.com(813) 449-6161
    Bob ManryGeneral Manager(813) 449-6155
    Bryan FroningChief Strategist(813) 449-6191
    Carol ManryPurchasing Assistant(813) 449-6195
    Courtney BeasleyProject Coordinator(813) 449-6221
    Craig MattilaService Project Manager(813) 449-6171
    Cray BurrellVP of Operations (813) 449-6207
    Crystal ThomasService Coordinator(813) 449-6166
    Danny JarrellProject Manager(813) 449-6201
    David BoudreauPurchase Manager(813) 449-6180
    Dema WebbService Purchasing Assistant(813) 449-6168
    Diane MurphyAdmin Assistant(813) 449-6218
    Antonio RosaWarehouse Manager(813) 449-6190
    Jay BlackPurchasing(813) 449-6204
    Jessica CarterReceptionist(813) 449-6157
    Jessica HoughAfter-hours Service Dispatcher(813) 449-6217
    Jim CutiniService Project Manager(813) 449-6185
    Jim EbanksProject Manager(813) 449-6211
    Joe GoldthorpAccounting Assistant(813) 449-6215
    Joe HuntRecruit Manager(813) 449-6162
    John GlennSafety Director(813) 449-6196
    Jorge SerranoField QC Manager(813) 449-6160
    Keith HarterService Project Manager(813) 449-6205
    Kevin ReynoldsAsst. Project Manager(813) 449-6181
    Leigh ClowIT/Network Admin(813) 449-6212
    Marilyn BrimmerAdmin / Accts Rec(813) 449-6152
    Mike MurphyService Project Manager(813) 449-6223
    Nick DeChellisEstimator – All bid requests should be sent to: bids@bateselectric.com(813) 449-6225
    Parker OwensAccounting(813) 449-6188
    Pete GalvanProject Manager813-449-6179
    Pete PapageorgeController / IT(813) 449-6150
    Ray WebbSr. Project Manager(813) 449-6202
    Rick DineenEstimator(813) 449-6149
    Rob BarenbruggeStrategic Analyst(813) 449-6156
    Roddy BernardService Project Manager(813) 449-6165
    Roy BriceService Project Manager(813) 449-6176
    Russ ForcierService Project Manager813-449-6151
    Shawn MurrayCommercial Field Ops Manager(813) 449-6203
    Stephanie SydnorAccounts Payable Assistant(813) 449-6153
    Tony D’AmicoProject Manager(813) 449-6163
    Victor BarauskisService Dept. Manager(813) 449-6167
    Wendy HerlachePayroll / HR(813) 449-6222