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7901 Hopi Place, Tampa FL. 33634
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  • Electrical IR Inspections

    Identify issues before they become expensive problems.


    Minimize Risk

    Electrical infrared inspections uncover the health and efficiency of your power source. Loose conductors are a very common source of electrical failure. Let Bates Electric verify that your equipment is safe to limit any possibility of downtime.

    risk management

    Eliminate Business Interruptions

    Properly maintained equipment can keep your business running without any interruptions so your business can maintain productivity.

    Old equipment

    Prolong equipment life

    Performing regular maintenance to your electrical infrastructure can add additional years of service life. An IR study is a great way to maximize time in service.

    Infrared inspections discover critical issues and problems before costly failures.  Repair costs can be minimized when issues are proactively repaired. Call us today to schedule your study.

    reduce repair cost

    What we Do for infrared inspections


    Inventory your Equipment

    All equipment is identified and recorded based on brand and technical specifications

    Take Measurements

    Our electrician will take pictures and readings of equipment and conductors with specialized IR camera and ammeters.

    Analyze Measurements

    We analyze the pictures to ensure that equipment and conductors are within their physical and code limitations.



    We develop a Thermographic Study Report that provides detailed information about each piece of equipment that we have inventoried. Each piece of equipment will be designated as Alert, Critical or Severe if any problems are discovered.


    We will provide recommendations as to what repairs are required to minimize your company's risk. We do this for each piece of equipment



    We are happy to provide the remediation for correct any problems that exist with your electrical infrastructure.