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7901 Hopi Place, Tampa FL. 33634
Mon-Fri 07:00 AM - 04:00 PM / 24-7 Service
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    Item #BrandDescriptionPart #Cost
    118Stanley16 Ounce Straight Claw HammerSTHT51511$12.50
    119KleinReceptacle Tester/AnalyzerRT210$10.97
    120Klein6 ¼” Wire Strippers11046$13.90
    121MilwaukeeWire Strippers48-22-6109$14.26
    122MilwaukeeWire Strippers / pliers48-22-3079$20.24
    123Milwaukee9 ½” Large Curved Jaw Channel Locks48-22-3420$14.29
    124Klein1/4” Vinyl Grip Cabinet-tip Screwdriver – 4” Heavy-Duty605-4$16.31
    125Klein3/16” Vinyl Grip Cabinet-tip Screwdriver – 6”601-6$10.18
    126Klein5/16” Vinyl Grip Cabinet-tip Screwdriver – 6” Heavy-Duty602-6$11.92
    127Klein#2 Phillips Vinyl Grip Screwdriver – 4”603-4$9.45
    128Klein#2 Phillips Vinyl Grip Screwdriver -7”603-7$11.25
    129Klein#2 Phillips Vinyl Grip Screwdriver – – Stubby603-1$9.75
    130Milwaukee25’ Tape Measure48-22-6825$14.99
    131MilwaukeeMagnetic Torpedo Level48-22-5407$23.00
    132KleinCrimping/Cutting Tool-1005$29.47
    133MilwaukeeCrimping/Cutting Tool-48-22-6103$22.50
    134MilwaukeeRetractable Razor Knife48-22-1910$10.32
    135Klein8 Pocket Leather Tool Pouch5164$56.00
    136MilwaukeeSet 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 Driver Bits49-66-4561$11.75
    138KleinMulti-meter / AmprobeCL600$74.42
    139MilwaukeeHigh-Leverage Side-Cutting Pliers48-22-6100$23.00
    140Milwaukee6 ½” Small Curved Jaw Channel Locks48-22-3421$15.49
    141Milwaukee10” Adjustable Wrench – Standard Capacity48-22-7410$19.02
    142Klein6-Piece Vinyl Grip Nut Driver Sethollow635-6$69.99
    143Klein6-Piece Vinyl Grip Nut Driver Set631$48.00
    144Milwaukee7 pc Nut Driver Set(hollow)48-22-2507$55.35
    145MilwaukeeKeyhole or Drywall Saw48-22-0304$10.94
    146Milwaukee16” Canvas Tool Bag50-55-3560$12.93
    147KleinAccu-Bend Level, 4-Vial935AB4v$26.79
    148Klein6-in-1 Nut Driver32800$53.48
    149KleinWire Stripper / Cutter “curve”11055$19.26
    150KleinWire Stripper11048$17.66
    151KleinApprentice Tool Set, 11 Piece92911$135.89
    152MilwaukeeM12 6.0ah Battery48-11-2460$60.00
    153KleinHigh-Leverage Side-Cutting Pliers – Angled HeadD228-8$21.99