Signs of Transformer Issues: When to Seek Repairs or Replacement

transformer repairs

The United States currently suffers from an electrical transformer shortage. The deficiency is so bad, that reports say many electrical and construction projects have delays of up to a year. It’s reasonable that you’d want to ensure you seek transformer repairs as soon as possible. You can’t afford to wait until a broken transformer gets worse […]

How to Find the Right Commercial Electrical Contractor

commercial electrical contractor

As property managers, one of your primary responsibilities is to take care of building maintenance including electrical repairs and installations. You need to hire the right electrical contractor to ensure the safety of your tenants and avoid business disruptions. We’ve discussed some helpful tips below to help you pick the right contractor.  Make Sure They […]

How to Save Money on Your Commercial Electrical Renovation

The United States electrical services industry was valued at $100 billion in 2020. The industry continues growing as electrical services play an essential role in our society.  Since electrical systems aren’t built to last forever, they’ve got to be completely renovated every few years. If your business is currently preparing for an electrical renovation, you’re probably worrying about […]

Why Regular Electrical Testing Is a Must for Commercial Buildings

Electrical malfunctions are one of the top causes of non-residential building fires, and they caused 7.3% of the 110,900 fires in 2019. Getting a regular commercial electrical tester for your building will make all the difference. If you’re an owner or manager of a commercial building, it’s critical to get regular electrical testing. Other than malfunctions and fires, […]

How to Achieve Appropriate Commercial Electric Solutions

Electricians in the United States make up a more than $200 billion market size. You might think about electrical work in your home, but commercial electricians make up a huge segment of the industry.  When you run a business of any kind, you must manage the electrical work in your office. Keep reading to learn how professional […]

3 Tips for Finding a Quality Commercial Electrician

A lot is required to maintain your commercial property properly. You need a great plumber for when the pipes are acting up and a great commercial electrician because you’ve gotta keep the lights on. You want professional installation and timely service because it could interrupt business when something affects the electrical system. At Bates Electric, […]