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  • commercial electrical
    16 Mar, 2022
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    3 Tips for Finding a Quality Commercial Electrician

    A lot is required to maintain your commercial property properly. You need a great plumber for when the pipes are acting up and a great commercial electrician because you’ve gotta keep the lights on. You want professional installation and timely service because it could interrupt business when something affects the electrical system. At Bates Electric, we know the value of finding quality commercial electricians.

    1. Are They Legitimate?

    Commercial electrical work is not something that you hire a novice to do. You need professionals recognized by the state licensing board, ensuring that they have generated their knowledge after thousands of hours of hands-on training. Before setting to work on an issue, for instance, a professional has already considered how that issue and addressing it could impact the greater electrical system.

    2. Are They Experienced?

    Tons of projects fall under the commercial electrical umbrella, and you want electricians who bring the wisdom of experience to bear on yours. A good company will have experience in many types of electrical projects, from installations to lighting retrofits to service upgrades. They should be familiar with indoor and outdoor work and in various settings, from business offices to hospitals.

    3. Are They Recognized?

    You want somebody who already has a good reputation among your neighbors in the business community. Besides being experienced and knowledgeable, are they efficient, and how are their communication skills? Good commercial electricians will generate high ratings and strong reviews, especially if they do good, reasonably priced work and are not obtrusive as possible. While residential electricians can keep regular hours, commercial electricians will schedule projects according to your business needs. Quality service includes the team of contractors effectively communicating with each other and with you or your liaison.

    Reach out to Bates Electric for all of your commercial electrical needs, and we’ll send our best to perform exemplary service at a great rate.


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