How to Find the Right Commercial Electrical Contractor

How to Find the Right Commercial Electrical Contractor

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As property managers, one of your primary responsibilities is to take care of building maintenance including electrical repairs and installations. You need to hire the right electrical contractor to ensure the safety of your tenants and avoid business disruptions. We’ve discussed some helpful tips below to help you pick the right contractor. 

Make Sure They Have the Right Licenses

Look for established electrical contractors in the area and ensure their electricians are registered and certified. Better yet, ask if they also have specialty licenses as this indicates the electricians have more experience. Don’t be afraid to ask if their licenses are up-to-date and if they have a license to perform commercial electrical services in your county. Never hire a contractor without the proper license to avoid problems down the road.

Are They Insured?

It’s not enough to choose a commercial electrical contractor with several years of experience. Safety is always a top priority so ensure they’re not just licensed but also insured and bonded. If the contractor is bonded and they abandon or don’t finish the job, you’ll be compensated for the financial losses. 

Electrical work can be risky and dangerous, which is why it’s crucial to only pick electrical contractors with the right insurance. Ask if they have business liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. The last thing you want is to pay for property damages and bodily injuries. You can avoid unexpected expenses by ensuring the contractor you hire is insured.

Choose Experienced Electricians 

Before hiring a contractor, make sure they’re qualified to do the job. So talk to them and ask about the electricians employed in their company. How long are the electricians been in the industry? What types of electrical jobs have they completed? Do they have a lot of experience with commercial buildings? It might help if you could take note of the tasks that need to be completed and ask the contractor about similar tasks they’ve performed in the past.

Ask for Recommendations or Read Customer Reviews

In addition to making sure the electricians can perform the job safely and effectively, consider asking for referrals from business owners you know. You might consider talking to electrical supply stores and asking them for recommendations. If you have a shortlist of contractors, we recommend calling their past clients and asking them about their experience. Were they satisfied with the work performed? Did the contractor deliver what was promised? Better yet, look for customer reviews online. Use Google and social media to help you make an informed decision. 

Contact Bates Electric ASAP

We are a commercial electrical contractor with more than 30 years of industry experience. Our electricians are committed to providing exceptional services and ensuring you’re completely satisfied with our services. We also offer around-the-clock service so if you need emergency services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team can help with electrical modifications, repairs, major installations, maintenance services as well as service upgrades. Call us today for an appointment. 


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