Why Regular Commercial Lighting Maintenance Is Essential

commercial lighting maintenance

Were you aware that Florida is the second largest electricity producer in the United States? Regular commercial lighting maintenance is essential for several reasons. Neglecting to maintain your lighting can lead to many business issues. With this in mind, it’s critical to prioritize preventative lighting maintenance. Keep reading to learn how routine lighting maintenance can solve various […]

The Common Costs of Commercial Parking Lot Light Pole Installation

Are you considering installing commercial parking lot light poles? If so, then you’re likely wondering about the cost. While the cost will vary depending on a number of factors, there are some common costs associated with this type of installation. This blog post will outline those common costs so that you can get a better understanding […]

Bright Lights: The Essential Commercial Lighting Maintenance Tips

Did you know that the industrial and commercial LED lighting segment is expected to climb to $296 billion by 2027?  Whether you’re a property manager, facility manager, or commercial building owner in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, commercial lighting is something you’ll need. But if you invest in such lighting, you also need to maintain it. […]

Parking Lot Lighting Installation Tips

Many business owners do not realize the importance of proper parking lot lighting installation. Most owners assume that lighting is just a means to an end, a security measure, and nothing more. However, using effective lighting strategies can help boost business, make the property more comfortable to visitors, and improve the curb appeal. Before diving […]

Commercial Lighting: 3 Benefits of Exterior Lighting

How your building looks from the outside plays a big role in whether visitors or new clients will decide to visit your business. If the surrounding areas around your business are poorly lit, many people may not feel comfortable entering your location or may pass you by and not even realize that you are open. […]