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  • parking lot lighting
    13 Dec, 2021
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    Parking Lot Lighting Installation Tips

    Many business owners do not realize the importance of proper parking lot lighting installation. Most owners assume that lighting is just a means to an end, a security measure, and nothing more. However, using effective lighting strategies can help boost business, make the property more comfortable to visitors, and improve the curb appeal.

    Before diving into a lighting contract with the most cost-effective partner, consider the importance of parking lot lighting and the electrical contractor’s experience. When installing lighting, you will need to focus on light sources, pole positions, surge protection, and overall aesthetics.

    Light Sources

    Traditional HID lighting is still widely used, but LED lights are often a better investment. Although LED will cost more upfront, the lifespan of the bulb, maintenance, and energy savings all equate to long-term savings. This will also enhance your parking lot lighting by less frequent light bulb changes.

    Pole Positioning

    Determining the placement of the poles is crucial to providing adequate security. The type of bulb, wattage, and reflector will all play into the decision of the number of poles needed for your lot. Talk to a professional installer to decide what is required.

    Surge Protection

    Do not forego surge protection. Ensuring protection is part of the installation process will help your business save money on grid maintenance and energy costs over time.


    If you’re looking to upgrade an existing parking lot lighting installation, the original poles were likely selected to enhance the property’s architecture. Regardless of your lighting choices, it is essential that your lighting and pole fixtures fit with your business’s current aesthetic. You do not want to cause a disconnect between your brand and the company.

    Are you ready to get serious about your parking lot lighting? Contact Bates Electric to discuss all available commercial options and explain what you need or expect from any exterior lighting installation


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