4 Electrical Warning Signs to Look Out For

4 Electrical Warning Signs to Look Out For

Electrical warning signs

Electricity is the main power source in many commercial buildings, without which no work can get done. Without electricity, many businesses would come to a standstill. Nevertheless, this precious resource is equally hazardous. Its potential for causing calamities is high without proper installation and management during use. Knowing electrical warning signs is one way to prevent mishaps from occurring in your business space. 

Here are four indicators of a potential electrical hazard in your workplace. 

Broken and Exposed Wiring 

Electric cords have live wires within them insulated by a non-conductor, which transmits electric current safely into your workspace. However, the live wires increase the probability of office fires when the cord becomes frayed. Exposed electrical wires on sockets are a safety risk for workers. 

As a property manager, you should ensure all electrical cords are in good condition by conducting checkups. Planned maintenance enables you to get to the root of the problem before someone gets hurt or the building goes up in flames because of live wires. 

Mitigation Strategies for Broken and Exposed Wiring 

  • Partner with a professional electrical contractor for regular cord checkups, repairs, and replacements.
  • Avoid having cords running under carpets or hanging them on nails. Let an electrician handle your office cable placement.
  • Avoid fixing damaged cords with PVC tape. Although PVC tape is an insulator, many brands are flammable under high temperatures. 

Overloaded Outlets 

Overloaded outlets are among the most crucial electrical warning signs. The problem usually presents itself as frequent power outages in your business premises.

Overloaded outlets carry a high concentration of electric current, which contains an unpredictable amount of heat. Unregulated heat, in turn, wears electrical wires, increasing the risk of fire breakouts. 

Commercial buildings have circuit breakers that disconnect the power supply when the system gets overloaded. Hence the reason why your building keeps experiencing frequent blackouts. 

How to Avoid Overheating or Overloading Outlets 

You do not have to underuse power outlets for fear of igniting a fire. You can use power outlets optimally without overheating the wires. An electrician can advise on the number of machines for every power outlet based on their power consumption level. Ensure users know to reduce the number of appliances if the power outlet becomes overheated during use. 

Poor Electrical Wiring Installation 

Is your work machine overheating? Do you notice sparks on the sockets when plugging or unplugging electrical equipment? The quality of electrical wiring in a commercial building has a huge impact on safety.  

Faulty wiring increases the probability of fire breakouts, overheating, electric shocks, and equipment breakdown from power surges. The only way to avoid these electrical warning signs is by hiring professional electricians to handle wiring in your business premises. 

  • They will use high-grade electrical wires.
  • Use ethical standards in service delivery.
  • Test and assess the functioning of the electrical wire system
  • Conduct regular maintenance to ensure the efficiency of your business’s electrical system 

Hanging Extention Cables 

Hanging extension cables are safe in the working environment because they increase the risk of wires breaking. The bends increase wear and tear on the electrical cord, exposing the live wires. Have an electrician manage the cords in your business premises to reduce the chances of wear and tear. They will safely hide electric cords and leave your office space neat while preserving the cable’s shelf-life.


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