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    08 Nov, 2021
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    Do You Need to Upgrade Your Commercial Electrical Wiring Panel?

    When it comes to your building’s electrical work, the age and size of your property determine when it’s time for an electrical panel upgrade. When you upgrade your electrical panel, you can save money on energy bills or enhance safety and reduce fire risk. While some electric panels can be repaired, sometimes it makes more sense to upgrade the panel entirely.

    Is Your Electric Panel Hot?

    If the electric panel is hot or if you touch an outlet and find it hot, you may have a severe issue on your hands. When a panel cannot handle the power needed, it may build up excess heat, melt your wiring’s insulation and start a fire. When individual circuit breakers can’t fulfill your business’s needs, it can cause your circuit breaker to trip often and cause inconveniences on top of the danger. You should not have discoloration or scorch marks on your outlets or panels. When electricity sparks and hits the plastic, it leaves a burn. Make sure to keep an eye on the temperature of your panel to prevent any electrical fires.

    Are Your Lights Dim or Your Circuit Breakers Tripping?

    Do your lights change in brightness throughout the day? If your light dims when running other appliances, your electric panel may not support the voltage to run all of your devices and lighting systems. You may need to upgrade your panel’s wiring to better support your electricity needs. Likewise, you may not have enough power if your circuit breaker is constantly tripping. When you turn on the lights and the coffee maker, for instance, you should not see half of the office power down. Sometimes, the wiring supplying one area cannot handle the load that you put on it. To fix problems with your circuit breaker, have a professional assess your wiring and decide whether you need an additional circuit or an upgrade to the wiring.

    If you witness any of the problem signs, it may be time for an upgrade. At Bates Electric, we can determine if it’s time to upgrade your commercial wiring panel. Contact us today for an assessment!


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