How to Tell You Need Commercial Generator Maintenance

How to Tell You Need Commercial Generator Maintenance

The global commercial generator market had an estimated value of $18.64 billion in 2022

These generators are vital for supplying power to commercial properties. But without the proper care, you will get commercial generator problems. 

Keep reading to learn how to tell if your company needs commercial generator maintenance. 

Visible Damage to Generator

Many companies might notice visible damage to their commercial generator but ignore it. This is usually in the hopes that the damage is not actually impacting the generator. This is a dangerous approach – do not ignore visible damage!

Instead, call professional commercial generator maintenance services. They will be able to make the repairs you need to operate the generator safely.

Slow Start or Inconsistent Power

Commercial generators have the capacity to produce power immediately. This means if you are turning it on and it is taking a long time to start up, something has gone wrong. 

The power supply should remain consistent while the generator is operational. If you are noticing that its output is dropping at any point, it is wise to look into maintenance for your commercial generator. 

If at any point the generator is running, but not producing any power, turn it off and call someone to check it out. This is a sure sign that something has gone wrong, and you need a professional to fix it. 

Strange Noises, Smells, or Liquids

Generators, when working properly, will always look and sound the same. If there is ever something unusual happening, turn it off immediately. 

Any kind of oil or fuel leakage is dangerous and a sign that something is broken. This might look like liquid leaking from the generator. It could also present as a strange smell, like gas, burning, or smoking. 

If something has broken or come loose, you might hear a scraping, clanging, or buzzing noise. Hire a professional to help you identify the noise. 

Unused Generator

If you have not used your generator in more than six months, it is always recommended to hire commercial generator services to do some maintenance. 

When the generator has been lying dormant, grease and dust can build up, creating a hazard when you turn it on again. You will also want a professional to check that it has not rusted or been damaged during the time it was not in use. 

You Have Not Looked After It

Caring for a commercial generator means following basic practices to keep it in a good condition. If you have not been doing this, it means the generator needs more regularly scheduled maintenance to keep it running in the same condition. 

To prolong the life of your commercial generator, make sure you have got it covered so it is not exposed to the weather. Regular checks of the filters, oil levels, belts, and batteries are important. If you are not sure what these levels should look like, hire professionals for regular maintenance so they can handle that for you. 

Regular Commercial Generator Maintenance

Commercial generator maintenance is an important part of keeping your generator in a good condition. 

There is no point investing in a generator if it is not going to work when you need it to. Protect your business by keeping your commercial generator in a good condition. The best way to do this is with regularly scheduled maintenance. 

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