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  • EV charging stations
    14 Feb, 2022
    Posted by Altavista
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    Types of EV Charging Stations for your Commercial Property

    With more and more electric vehicles being sold each year, installing EV charging stations has become a priority for many commercial properties. Ease of access to charging stations can benefit both your customers and employees. Including a charging station on your property can help give you an added boost in comparison to your competitors in your area.

    At Bates Electric, we provide professional installation for the fastest EV charging stations that can help upgrade your property to meet the ever-changing needs of electric vehicles.

    Types of Charging Stations

    There are many different types of charging stations available in today’s market. Knowing the best technology for your commercial property will depend on many factors. Here are a few popular charging stations to consider when thinking about the initial costs for purchase and installation:

    • ChargePoint commercial EV charging stations

    • EVBox commercial charging stations

    • Blink Charging EV commercial charging stations

    • Tesla commercial EV charging stations

    • PowerCharge commercial EV charging stations

    Each brand has unique pros and cons regarding costs, adaptability, and convenience. While most brands service many models of electric vehicles, others, such as Tesla charging stations, only serve one type of vehicle.

    Valuable Features to Consider

    The ideal EV charging station for your property will include the vehicles your customers and employees drive. This will provide an easy charge during the workday or visit to the property. You also have the option of providing free usage for visitors or charging a fee for each charge. The right choice will allow your company to move forward and put a shine on its brand image. Contact Bates Electric to get a free quote for your next installation project.


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