What is a Thermal Energy Scan?

What is a Thermal Energy Scan?

Thermal Energy Scans have become increasingly popular to detect inefficiencies and dangers inside the walls of your building or home. We use infrared cameras to detect temperature differences within a building’s power system. This can indicate hots spots, poor seals, and failing components. Identifying this early can prevent minor to catastrophic events, increase energy efficiency, and/or reduce power costs. 

Thermal scans will help you save maintenance costs by identifying areas with needed improvements and prioritizing repairs. Detecting potential safety hazards (i.e., hot spots) can prevent fires and other dangerous events. 

Performing a Thermal Scan is a simple visit. We capture images and readings of the building’s power system. The data is analyzed to ensure the health of the system and identify any resistance or dangers. You will receive a detailed report showing the system’s status and any recommended areas to review that may become detrimental if not addressed. 

Thermal Energy Scan…

  • Reduce electricity costs.
  • Identify inefficiencies to increase energy output.
  • Prioritize maintenance and repairs.

Save money and ensure your business or home is in optimal shape, schedule your scan here!


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