How Outdoor Sign Lighting Boosts Business

How Outdoor Sign Lighting Boosts Business

outdoor sign lighting

Outdoor sign lighting attracts 64% of customers. A business without an illuminated sign misses a large percentage of potential sales. However, illuminated signage can benefit a business in many more ways.

Our electrical construction company helps businesses experience the benefits of outdoor sign lighting.


An illuminated sign increases the visibility of a business location. The sign itself is a visual marker that goes beyond a mailing or street address. This helps current and new customers see the company.

The illuminated sign helps to establish a presence within the community. It becomes a familiar sight for those passing by. As long as the sign is up and lit, they know a business is there and ready for customers.

Illumination takes visibility a step further. In addition to daytime visibility, illumination increases visibility at night. The lighting ensures that people can see the sign when natural light is scarce.

Customer Experience

The customer experience begins with the illuminated sign. The physical building of a business can be a challenge to locate. This frustrates the customer experience.

An illuminated sign addresses this by increasing visibility and establishing a presence. Potential customers can then use the sign to navigate to the business’s physical location successfully.

Sometimes a business is easily seen during daylight hours. However, at night, it becomes more difficult.

A dark commercial location can look unapproachable or intimidating to customers. An illuminated sign creates a more welcoming experience for the customer.

Branding Consistency

Commercial lighting design is crucial to branding consistency for a commercial location. Companies that consistently brand themselves can see revenue increases up to 33%.

An illuminated sign is the first impression many customers have of the business. The sign should reflect the rest of the marketing efforts.

Profit Increase

Having an illuminated sign increases profit by attracting more customers. A bright sign draws the eye and attracts attention. This increases the likelihood that people will see it.

New customers could have lived in the community for a while but never noticed the business. It could also be individuals who recently moved to the area and are establishing themselves.

Reduced Facility Maintenance Costs

High-quality illuminated signage is a smart investment for location management. LED signage requires less lighting maintenance and is up to 90% more efficient than incandescent light bulbs.

A company can save on long-term facility investment and maintenance costs. For example, a high-quality illuminated sign is built from durable materials that will last for years. The LED lights illuminating the sign will also last for tens of thousands of hours.

LED bulbs also require less energy to run. This results in lower monthly electricity bills.

Add Outdoor Sign Lighting

Our Tampa electrical services help businesses establish themselves. We work with companies to install outdoor sign lighting.

Our experienced team works with small and large businesses. We create eye-catching signage that conforms with local code regulations.

Contact our team today and make your business more visible with illuminated signage.


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